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About us - Quercuspace - No.1 Space, Interior, Wood Work and Special Furniture Design

About Us


Who we are

Located amidst an innovative and bustling city of Bengaluru, we are a design studio who challenge and create opportunities to produce and manufacture using vital alternative routes to traditional creative techniques thus bringing forth quality products and spaces that help elevate the user & market needs.

Why us?

We bring to you a mix of industry expertise with new perspectives that help in identifying novel solutions that are not simply conceptual but rather actionable and sustainable.


Sandeep Mukherjee
Sandeep Mukherjee
Strategy, Design

Sandeep is a graduate of the National Institute of Design in 1985 who is a serial entrepreneur in the field of Design and build.

Twisha Handyalmath
Operations, Planning

As a management professional at Quercus Space, Twisha brings expertise and a diverse educational background to the company role. With a degree in Interior architecture, a master's in Furniture Design from CEPT, and an Executive MBA in operations and supply chain management from IIM, she has honed her skills in overseeing projects from start to finish.

Saida Badeyan
Saida Badeyan
Sustainability, Product Development

Saida Badeyan is an Armenian entrepreneur who is a founder of Tern River and advisor on the board of Quercus. Her Designs are inspired by Nature and use sustainable materials like Neem wood, Vegetable tanned Leather, Bamboo, Water reeds, Lotus stems, Cotton and Linen fabrics which are hand woven.

Our Clients


Furniture Design & Development
Wood Working & Technology
Space & Interior Architecture
Retail Design
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