Nilgiris House

Building a green living environment is a lot more than just making it look green and putting a lot of plants around it . Being green in the truest sense is more about working to use less energy all through the process of design – building and thereafter. Less emission of CO2 , less usage of energy, less wastage and cleaning up after.

Creating a green building where usage of AC is removed, natural ventilation is enhanced and controlled ,removing the need for H&AC helps cutting energy needs . Working with materials that need much less maintenance and at the same time enhance quality of living adds significant value. Let us be true to our ideologies and work towards making this planet a better place. Whether it be a home or a workplace , it applies equally. Green home built by Quercuspace

Location: Nilgiris
Size: 2000 Sqft.
Services: Building, interiors and furniture, design, planning and execution
Status: Finished

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