Ahara Fine Dining

Empathy is a driving force for us to design any space.

Ahara is an earthy Indian fine dining restaurant that aims to bring the rich flavours of Indian cuisine and Indian traditions interpreted in a moder sense to the forefront. The restaurant strives to provide an authentic Indian gastronomical experience maintaining a level of sophistication and elegance. The restaurant will be designed to embody the essence of traditional Indian hospitality with warm and welcoming ambiance.

Interiors: The restaurant has been conceptualised with an earthy and classy visual experience in mind. The design language is inspired by traditional Indian art, design and architecture infused with modernity.

The walls are adorned with traditional Indian art, paintings, finishes and colours.

The furniture has been created in a combination of wood, leather, and beautiful fabrics. For us, synthesizing clean lines and simplicity with tradition and earth is the ultimate key to sophistication. The flooring has a rustic touch with natural stone ambiance in warm tones. Lighting of the spaces within the restaurant is a combination of art, traditional materials and out of the box thinking. Warm lighting tones give the space an intimate and cosy vibe.

A high ceiling allows for strategic use of art to provide an immersive experience to diners. Muted earthy colours with extensive use of copper (an ancient material used traditionally in India) to provide highlights in proportional quantities adds to the ambience.

The unique involvement of authentic, local crafts and artisans The uniqueness of the design process was also to involve authentic local crafts and artisans who developed them specifically for the Ahara. As our culture shows , crafts and artisans never go out of fashion.

Location: Bengaluru
Size: 6000 Sqft.
Services: Interior and Furniture Design
Status: Finished

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