Sandeep Mukherjee

Strategy, Design

Sandeep is a graduate of the National Institute of Design in 1985 who is a serial entrepreneur in the field of Design and build.

Tessaract Design – 1985 -1995
Ecospace 1994-1995,
Kiri Design 1995 Active
Quetzel Design 1999- 2018,
Quercus 2018 Active
Tern River Foundation – 2022 – Active

Sandeep has worked over the last 40 years in the area of Furniture , Products, Tensile Structures, hospitality, Retail design and Mass timber structures. Sandeep’s Involvement is majorly strategic design thinking, engineering and planning, quality manufacturing and global sourcing.

Over time Sandeep has focused more and more on working sustainably with sustainable materials and processes. The planet needs to breathe, the more we build the more we are slowly destroying the ability to breathe. The construction sector contributes to 40% of the air pollution in the world and India is not far behind. The effort to create green technologies in this highly polluting sector let Quercus to focus on Timber construction and mass timber buildings. The focus on creating environments that are Green and pollution free is at the core of this venture. Quercus is working on many timber building and on one of the largest green timber commercial projects in the country. Quercus has offices for sourcing in Croatia, Vietnam, and Armenia.

Sandeep is also a part of the following associations.
AIDI Founder member of Associations of Indian Design Industry (Now renamed ADI)
AFMI Founder member of Association of Furniture Manufacturers of India
SFMAI Founder member of Store fixtures manufacturers association of India

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